International Curriculum

The “Maarif” educational complex supports and helps students to understand integrity, enriched by basic values in their professional and social life along with well-equipped and the well qualified teacher staff.

Art and designArt and design
Digital literacyEnglish
English as a secondary languageGlobal outlook
Global outlookHumanity sciences (Geography and History)
Humanity sciences (Geography and History)Information and communications technologies (ICT) Starters
Information and communications technologies (ICT) StartersHistory of Kyrgyzstan
MathematicsKyrgyz, Russian, Turkish languages
Physical educationMusic
SciencesPhysical education
Kyrgyz, Russian, Turkish languagesNatural sciences
Outside classroom activitiesOutside classroom activities
Principles of personal and social societySelf-preparation
Sections/sport/social activitiesSections/sport/social activities
Additional English lessonsAdditional English lessons

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification. IGCSE courses develop vitally important educational skills, such as reviewing, oral skills, problem solving, initiative, collaboration and scientific skills. Gained qualification provides the basis to the higher level courses, such as A level.

IGCSE system is designed for varied levels of ability with the choice between main and extended works on various subjects that makes IGCSE suitable to students with wide range of abilities. Students may apply to that level which is more suitable for them and it should not be the same to all subjects. IGCSSE offers flexible and stimulating curriculum with a choice of subjects and long-life knowledge and skills.

IGCSE is recognized and valued by leading universities and employers worldwide. A good English language grade as a second language is accepted by universities over the world as an evidence of sufficient competence in English language.

Upper Secondary IGCSE 1 – SciencesUpper Secondary IGCSE 1 – HumanitiesUpper Secondary IGCSE 1 – Business
Kyrgyz languageKyrgyz languageKyrgyz language
Russian languageRussian languageRussian language
Global outlookGlobal outlookGlobal outlook
BiologyDesign and technologiesEconomics
ChemistryEnvironment and management Accounting
English languageEnglish languageEnglish language
Information and communications technologies (ICT)Information and communications technologies (ICT)Information and communications technologies (ICT)
Additional subjects (Sociology, Psychology and History etc.)Additional subjects (Sociology, Psychology and History etc.)Additional subjects (Sociology, Psychology and History etc.)
Sections/sport/social activitiesSections/sport/social activitiesSections/sport/social activities
Turkish language clubTurkish language clubTurkish language club
Career guidance Career guidance Career guidance

Examinations schedule:

The IGCSE level program usually takes two years, and students will be required to take an exam in at least five subjects. Examinations are mainly held twice a year.

Suggested subjects:

The A level program requires at least three subjects. There are no compulsory subjects and students are free to specialize or study a variety of subjects.

BusinessMedicine Social sciencesElectives
MathematicsEnglishMathematicsBusiness Studies
BusinessChemistryDesign and technologiesEconomics
EnglishБиологияEnglishDesign and technologies
Global Prospective
Environment and management
Media research

Eligibility for A level

Students at the age of 18 and under who finished his/her IGCSE and/or secondary education at local learning program can apply. Educational complex “Maarif” has scholarship program for students with the high grades in their IGCSE and good grades in their local learning program.