Maarif Educational Complex

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The educational complex “Maarif” will provide the skills of critical thinking, creativity and natural curiosity that will allow students to improve their lives.


Every student is able to do his best when assisted by the best learning environment; with the tentative intention of spreading knowledge through education, the Turkish Maarif Foundation (TFM) offers the Maarif Educational Complex with the aim of providing quality education in order to develop people’s emotional intelligence and social friendliness.

Mission and Vision

Transfer of knowledge through the value of integrated education for the peace and well-being of humanity, from the community level to the collective consciousness of humanity.

Basic Goals

Develop the education system based on optimized models that are applicable, acceptable and adaptable around the world, with a focus on cooperation and coordination.

Provide access to affordable and quality education through integrated learning systems.

Raise a person with knowledge, critical and analytical skills, who has mastered moral, cultural and human values, as a result of which he will become a responsible, physically, spiritually and mentally balanced person.

Design and implement curricula in accordance with international standards, with a focus on preserving local values and cultures.

Maintain and develop institutions of self-sufficiency by developing a foundation based on merit, openness and the will to do good.

Create a chain of productive and sensitive people who socially and scientifically do not violate local moral and core values, leading to a peaceful and livable world for future generations.


Students at Maarif International Schools have an opportunity to obtain a means of transport. All transportation is equipped with GPS navigators, and parents will be able to monitor their children’s travel through the city..

You can download bus timetables and route lines.

School menu

Our campus has three buildings, each with a fully equipped and internationally acceptable dining room. Our students will be provided with three meals a day and a menu of meals will be published monthly on the school website. The menu for each month is developed and monitored taking into account the health and mental development of our students. Canteen hygiene and disinfection procedures are carried out regularly.

Future Projects

Workshops, trainings, conferences and capacity building meetings for students, teachers and parents will be held to create a collaborative family-student-school learning environment. The trainings will be conducted by our specialized delegation from Turkey.

Parents will join their efforts in educational projects. This will provide a direct and integrated platform for parents to keep track of their child’s academic and moral profile along with analysis of the institution’s own assessment.

Our publishing centers will provide an excellent platform for students to recognize and register their talents and abilities. Student, creative ideas (drawings, paintings and photographs, poetry and articles / essays) will be published in the newsletter every month.

Language is an expression of a culture used to convey traditions and values associated with group identity. For bilateral friendly relations in the near future, we will offer both local (Kyrgyz, Russian) and foreign language courses (Turkish, English, etc., depending on demand).

It will be easier for our graduates to find the best options for their careers through career counseling and job portals.

A team of researchers and developers to develop curricula in full compliance with national and international standards with integrated cultural values of Kyrgyzstan.

Competitions for talented researchers with a core “cognition-Maarif” will be a vital activity to develop creative, analytical and critical thinking in students to develop a solution or question using a variety of methods of reason.